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Your Wards. You Plant........ We water but God makes them grow

Welcome to a community of future leaders, a community driven with the spirit of excellence. We are hiseed schools and We are known for laying an excellent foundation for a lifetime learning..

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-A conducive and caring settings put in place to provide children with the right to environment to develop social skills as they interact with other children.

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-The Early nursery classroom offers very young children a unique year of self-development in a tender atmosphere of special understanding respect and support.

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-Here while there is much intellectual stimulation, our emphasis is always on nurture of each child’s uniqueness.

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School Culture


Students are taught how to solve difficult tasks without any assistance and by relating topics that are taught with their immediate environment.

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-Management: Director, Head(s) of School(s), Principal, Vice-principal (Admin), Vice-principal (Academics), Head Master, Head Teacher.

-Staff: Director, Head(s) of School(s), Principal, Vice-principal (Admin), Vice-principal (Academics), Head Master, Head Teacher, Teaching Staffs, Utility Staffs.

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Please contact school admin for more information

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    Every parent in our school is a member of the parent’s forum and can bring any matter to the attention of the parent’s council. Participation of parents in school activities is welcomed. This may be on occasion such as:
    Helping with events or celebrations
    Bringing in items of interest or books that relate to their work.
    Assisting on school trips.
    School fees are paid per term in advance. Fees for the crèche is paid either monthly in advance or quarterly in advance.
    Parents will receive school bills and bank teller of the following term fees, one or two weeks before the end of each term or month. FEES must be fully paid on or before the first day of term.
    It is expected that all children would have received their routine vaccinat ...
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Why Choose Us

Building to last..
To Raise future leaders in the fear of God. In a safe, caring and orderly environment
LIGHT: T o help pupils discover the innate star in every child which must radiate for the world to see.

CHRIST CENTERED: To encourage our pupils to develop a continuous relationship with Jesus daily.

EXCELLENCE: To provide Academic excellence that will give our pupils an edge over their peers any where in the world

TOTAL CHILD: To instill discipline and sense of responsibility with strict adherence to moral values in our pupils.

FRUITFULNESS: To inculcate in our pupils, qualities that will make them beacons to their generation and that will affect others around them positively
Stanza One There's a plan for me To succeed in life And I know I will Because I'm His seed I will do my best He will do the rest And I Know I'll excel Because I'm God's seed God's seed, yes I am God's seed, it's the best Stanza Two Even if there are trials To test my beliefs I will overcome Because I'm His seed He will guide me through He will lead me there And I will be the best Because I'm God's seed God's seed, yes I am God's seed, it's the best

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